Healthcare tech for startups

AlleyCorp Nord’s flagship expertise lies in healthcare, life sciences, and biotech. We’ve helped pre-seed and seed startups create innovative products that address real-world challenges for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Our portfolio showcases hands-on experience guiding and developing web and mobile apps, back-end integrations, and machine learning models, all tailored to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry. We’ve crafted custom EHRs, conducted compliance audits, and navigated complex requirements, developing extensive expertise working within the US healthcare system.

As staunch supporters of standards, we actively contribute to the FHIR ecosystem with bonFHIR, an open-source library for building client and workflow applications using FHIR.

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Meet our healthcare experts

We believe technology can transform healthcare, and we want to help you make it happen. 

The AlleyCorp Nord healthcare team is made up of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills, united by an unwavering passion for healthcare technology. 

Our specialists include cloud architects, data scientists, machine learning engineers, software developers, product designers, among others.  We also have subject matter experts who can advise you on the best practices and solutions for your specific needs in healthcare data, big data, and machine learning, as well as in clinical operations and workflows, biostatistics, clinical trials, and more. 

We work closely with you as partners, not vendors, collaborating where and when you need us.

Julien Blin 

Principal Consultant, Software Development

Healthcare data and interoperability, cloud architecture, DevEx, low-code & no-code, enterprise architecture

Lisa DiJorio, PhD 

Vice President,
Technology & Research

Machine learning, data science, intellectual property & patent strategy, fundraising support

Kim Phan, PhD 

Lead Data Scientist, Software Development

Biostatistics, data science, biomarkers, real-world evidence, clinical & regulatory matters, digital health tech

Arnaud Fosso Pouangué, PhD 

Developer, Software Development

MLOps, healthcare data, signal processing, data pipelining

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