AI and data science for startups

You have a brilliant startup idea that requires AI or data-science expertise; you need a partner to help you turn your vision into a reality. 

At AlleyCorp Nord, we offer expertise in data science, data engineering, machine learning, and AI application services. We work with startups like yours from ideation to launch and beyond, delivering high-quality and innovative AI and ML solutions.

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We simplify the complexities of data science.

AI development can get expensive, which is why we work with you to uncover high-potential opportunities and assess the ROI of your vision.

And when it comes to building your vision, we assist you in getting your product to market, and iterating on it, quickly and flexibly. We use the latest tools and technologies to create robust infrastructures and efficient processes, setting the stage for an AI solution that will scale successfully.

Meet our AI & data science experts

Our AI and data-science team consists of seasoned product engineers, data scientists, machine learning researchers, and cloud architects who cover the full data science cycle. 

We all have a passion for solving challenging problems and creating products that contribute to a social cause. We work closely with you as partners, not vendors, collaborating where and when you need us.

Lisa DiJorio, PhD 

Vice President,
Technology & Research

Machine learning, data science, intellectual property & patent strategy, fundraising support

Cecile Low-Kam

Cecile Low-Kam, PhD 

Applied Research Manager,
Software Development

Biostatistics, data science, AI, genomics and health

Kim Phan, PhD 

Lead Data Scientist, Software Development

Biostatistics, data science, biomarkers, real-world evidence, clinical & regulatory matters, digital health tech

Becks Simpson 

ML Lead,
Software Development

Robotics, NLP research, machine learning feasibility & product analysis

Arnaud Fosso Pouangué, PhD 

Software Development

MLOps, healthcare data, signal processing, data pipelining

photo of Arthur Tobler

Arthur Tobler 

Machine Learning Consultant,
Software Development

Machine learning feasibility & prototyping, natural language processing, generative AI, data science, data engineering

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