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Derisk your startup so you can launch faster, grow smarter, and achieve your vision.

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Tech solutions tailored to your startup’s needs

We have a track record of building startups’ tech from scratch, so we understand the common and uncommon challenges founders face. 

That’s why we offer both ongoing and scope-based services with a talent-first, tech-agnostic approach. Either way, we deliver within scope, on time, and on budget.

So whether you’re developing software for an app, an AI product, or a robot, our team can help.

We work with you at any stage from ideation to launch and beyond—collaborating as partners, not vendors—with a proven track record in health care, robotics, design, and emerging tech. Don’t let tech challenges stop you from pursuing your vision. Let us handle the tech, while you focus on your startup.

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Product strategy

We help you define your product vision, roadmap, and features, and align them with your business goals and user needs.


We build scalable, secure, and high-quality software solutions using the latest technologies and best practices.

AI and Data Science

We apply emerging machine-learning techniques to solve complex problems and create innovative products.

Product design and branding

We create user-centric and intuitive product design and branding that enhances your product’s usability and appeal.

Applied Research

We conduct rigorous data research and experimentation to validate your hypotheses and discover new opportunities.


We provide expert advice on various aspects of tech. development, such as DevOps, MLOps, data science, and more.

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Our fractional talent team’s expertise at your service

You have a brilliant vision for your product, and you need the right tech and engineering expertise to do it justice. But hiring full timers or freelancers can be costly, time-consuming, and more than a little risky. 

AlleyCorp Nord’s fractional talent team provides you with accomplished, specialized tech professionals who are ready to dive into startup projects on a part-time or per-project basis. They offer flexible services that match your needs and budget. 

Put an end to recruitment hassles, overhead costs, and doubt. Gain access to seasoned tech experts when you need them, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. 

Lisa DiJorio, PhD 

Machine learning, data science, intellectual property & patent strategy, fundraising support

Louis-Philippe Perron 

Enterprise authentication and authorization, cloud infrastructure, LLM deployment

Becks Simpson 

Robotics, NLP research, machine learning feasibility & product analysis

Kim Phan, PhD 

Biostatistics, data science, biomarkers, real-world evidence, clinical & regulatory matters, digital health tech

Arnaud Fosso Pouangué, PhD 

MLOps, healthcare data, signal processing, data pipelining

Julien Blin 

Healthcare data and interoperability, cloud architecture, DevEx, low-code & no-code, enterprise architecture

Belinda Darcey 

Product Design, web/mobile apps, XR/VR/AR, Brand Design

Florencia Herra-Vega 

Product strategy, privacy, security, team topologies, fundraising support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We’ve already started building our product… Can you help us scale it or fix it?

A: Yes! While much of our work involves building from zero, we love a scaling challenge.

We’re also effective at streamlining and maturing disjointed technologies that were built by different contractors—a common occurrence in the tech startup world.

Generally, we are a good fit for companies in stages ranging from pre-seed to Series B.

Q: Do you only work with AlleyCorp-backed companies?

A: No, we work with a number of clients outside the AlleyCorp portfolio.

Q: Can you help us get funded?

A: We can build your product or prototype for you. And we can coach you and your team on improving your pitch and data room for investors, with an emphasis on the technological aspects. However, we are not an investment firm and we do not directly invest in startups.

Q: Do you offer product management?

A: Yes! We include product management when we build founding teams for our clients. 

We also have seasoned technical team members on staff who can provide leadership on specific kinds of mandates, and AI/ML mandates in particular.

That being said, we don’t offer product management as a standalone service, since we’ve found that it doesn’t provide much value to our clients.