Life at ACN

Life at ACN

AlleyCorp Nord provides an exciting opportunity for people who love the pace of working at an early-stage startup – without the risk. As an employee of ACN, you have the safety and assurance that you have a network of experts backing you up. Your contract is with us – not the startup. If they succeed, you succeed. If things don’t go as planned or you want a new challenge, we can move you to another incubation within our portfolio. 

Why you should work at AlleyCorp Nord

Continuous Learning

Have an online course you want to take, a technical book you’d like to read, or a conference you’d like to attend? ACN will provide you with all the tools you need to improve.

Flexible schedule

ACN is a remote-first company. We also know that everyone has different peak hours, so we trust you to get your work done in your best time frame.

Benefits plan

Health, dental, vision, and mental health are fully taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about it. We also offer a parental leave plan for those expecting.

Flexible vacation days

We believe strongly that everyone should work to live, so everyone gets 4 weeks of paid vacation and we make sure you take them. If you need more we are flexible as long as employees use good judgment and ensure business needs are being met.


ACN understands that their employees are their greatest asset. We have a culture of continuous learning, providing professional development and growth opportunities to all our employees. Our team is >40% women & non-binary individuals and our senior leadership is 100% women!


We are committed to a culture of inclusion and mutual respect! For us this means fostering a workplace in which a person’s differences are recognized, appreciated, respected and responded to in ways that fully develop and utilize their talents and strengths.


AlleyCorp Nord values a diverse workplace and is dedicated to creating a friendly and motivating work environment. We believe that a diverse workforce is a key aspect of innovation and creativity. We welcome candidates from non-traditional backgrounds.

Remote First

While most of our employees are based in Montreal, ACN is a remote-first company. We provide you with an annual home office stipend so that you can do your best work at home. However, for those who need a bit of variety in their lives,  we have a WeWork office located in downtown Montreal that any of our employees can use as often or as little as they like. Work the way you want to!

Why our employees love ACN

“It’s like the Avengers. You’ve got amazing people that help you out even if you’re not on the same project. You can have your solo movie but you can also tag Tony Stark or Doctor Strange if you need help.”

Alexandre Rimthong
Software Development Manager

“I love that we have the opportunity to work on projects where everything needs to be done while having the comfort, security and perks of a bigger company”

Annaelle Duff
Software Development Manager

“ACN has a great culture, very diverse. It’s a harmonious mix of ingenuity and creativity. I really enjoy that it supports our curious nature and encourages us to explore new ideas.”

Maxime Gauthier
Senior Software Developer

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