Our Clients

We build companies. AlleyCorp Nord-founded companies have collectively raised more than $1B in venture capital and our 40+ engineers in Montreal work hard to support them in their goals.

Auxa Health

Enables healthcare organizations to connect individuals to needed benefits while improving satisfaction, retention, and Star Ratings.

Chamber Cardio

To empower cardiology teams to operate in a value-based world, ensuring that providers are compensated for delivering the proper care at the right time


A better way to search, analyze, question, and visualize your data. Ask your data anything with AI-powered search. Connect, query, and analyze your data in minutes. 


Timely & accessible care through a Geriatric Psychiatry-led, collaborative care team that provides a personalized ecosystem of support for patients, caregivers, and clinicians.


Machine Learning and EEG to Improve Detection and Treatment of Dementia and Other Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders


Your partner in lowering medical bills. Resolve is on a mission to make healthcare bills fair.


Attend is on a mission to help physicians unlock the life-changing possibilities of true financial independence. 


Onboard, authenticate, & control access to your API. Securely create, distribute, and manage API keys and secrets and control their use across your services.

What areas does ACN specialize in?

ACN specializes in developing technologies and products for startups. Many of our incubations are in the health sector. We enjoy technologies that contribute to a social cause. We want to improve the world, one product at a time.

What differentiates ACN from other companies?

At ACN, we promote and celebrate creativity and inclusion. We understand that innovation comes from fostering diversity and an open-minded approach. We offer a relaxed yet engaging work environment. Unlike traditional corporate workplaces, our company culture values every individual, their unique skills and perspectives. Join us to experience the difference!

What is the relationship between AlleyCorp and AlleyCorp Nord?

AlleyCorp founds and funds companies in New York. AlleyCorp originates the ideas, hires the early teams, funds, launches, and grows each company, and maintains an integral leadership role from beginning through exit.

AlleyCorp Nord is the Montreal-based technology arm of AlleyCorp – we build companies. AlleyCorp Nord helps these new companies hire their founding technical teams to provide the infrastructure for product development to be successful from day one. Together we are building the best environment for early technical employees to grow within their respective early-stage companies.