Our Hiring Process

We’ve designed a personalized process that aligns with the position you’re interested in. As you advance, we expect your excitement about becoming a part of ACN will increase. Here’s a brief overview.

Our selection process

Our interview process has been designed as a two-way street.

More than just probing your technical skills, we want the interview process to be a valuable opportunity for you to get to know our people, our values, and see for yourself what our culture is all about and what we are made of.  

Finding the right fit may take some time, so don’t be surprised if you end up meeting 8 people along the way (but don’t worry, that does not mean 8 interviews!).

We’ve created a custom process that will be unique according to the position you’re applying for. As you move forward, we hope you’ll get more excited about working for ACN.

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A path showing 5 steps in the hiring process
Nordy, the cartoon mascot, says "You can do it!"

Our commitment to you

You will not be ghosted! If for some reason you have not heard back from us, feel free to reach out.

You will not be treated as just a number. We value our candidates and strive to offer a world-class experience.

You will be treated with respect and transparency at all times.

You will be offered a fair compensation based on your skills and experience.

What we expect from you

To keep us updated on your current situation throughout the selection process.

To respond to our messages within a reasonable time.

To share your positive experiences with your network.

Talent Acquisition Team

Adriana Arian 

People and Culture

Shelley Vassall 

Human Resources

Alec Martel 

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Nordy the narwhal, our mascot

Nordy the Narwhal 

Human Resources