Work with passionate coworkers and the brightest entrepreneurs

When you join AlleyCorp Nord, you get to experience the thrills and benefits of working on a variety of challenging projects with startups. It’s a great way to get exposure to a lot of startups and emerging tech in an accelerated timeline. All this, without changing employers.

If learning is like oxygen for you, then you will thrive at AlleyCorp Nord.

You also get to join a fabulous team made up of curious, driven, pragmatic, and generally brilliant coworkers—because we take the time to find and invest in the right people. You benefit from the support of your coworkers and senior managers,  who are available to mentor and coach you to fast-track your growth.  We believe our diversity is one of our biggest strengths, so we welcome candidates from non-traditional backgrounds who share our passion and principles. 

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Current Openings

Our company thrives on curiosity, openness to feedback, and transparent communication. If these qualities don’t resonate with you, we may not be the best fit. We value directness, but kindness matters too. Join us if you’re aligned with these values.

Join a community of problem solvers, learners, and pioneers.

Immerse yourself

You will get to dive headfirst into the fast-paced world of startups where you get to feel the energy, witness breakthroughs, and be part of groundbreaking ideas that are shaping the future.


Are you ready to explore a kaleidoscope of innovation? We connect you with startups spanning various industries, from tech disruptors to eco-conscious pioneers, ensuring you experience the full spectrum of creativity and entrepreneurship.

City of dreams

Our startup ecosystem hub is located in Montreal and New York which are thriving epicenters of innovation. You’ll be at the heart of it all, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for startups.


You will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with visionaries, founders, and industry trailblazers where our platform will provide you with amazing networking opportunities to foster connections that could change the course of your career.

Personal growth

Your journey with ACN will not only boost your professional profile but also ignite personal growth where your ability to adapt and your creative mind set will become your super powers as you navigate this exciting terrain.

Collaborative Spirit

Startups thrive on collaboration. Working with us means becoming part of a community where your ideas are valued, and teamwork reigns supreme

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