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We are tech experts and startup enthusiasts, and we love what we do.

Photo of ACN's three female executives
L to R: Michelle King, VP , Operations; Florencia Herra-Vega, CEO; Lisa DiJorio, VP, Technology and Research.

At AlleyCorp Nord, we’re on a mission to help founders like you turn your idea into a product.

We’re excited to talk about your idea whether you’re a single founder with an idea, a small team with an MVP, or anything in between. We work with early- and growth-stage startups (so pre-seed to Series C) to provide tech infrastructure—in every sense of the word—that will make their product development a success from day one. 

We are the technology arm of venture capital studio AlleyCorp, and we’ve helped more than a dozen brilliant entrepreneurs build and launch products, and supported many more, in a variety of fields from healthcare to robotics to emerging tech.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is composed of passionate experts in their fields, who have a wealth of experience in building innovative solutions for startups. They are not only skilled managers, but also mentors, coaches, and visionaries, who foster a culture of excellence, collaboration, and diversity. They are always ready to face new challenges, learn new things, and share their insights with our team members, clients, and partners. Meet the driving force behind AlleyCorp Nord’s, and its clients’, success and growth.

Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan 


Michelle King 

Vice President,

Lisa DiJorio, PhD 

Vice President,
Technology & Research

Alexandre Rimthong 

Software Development

Belinda Darcey 

Head of

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